Our Products


Sheet Steel Enclosures

Klippon sheet steel enclosures provide outstanding high-performance features to satisfy the toughest demands within the harshest environments.

Terminal Blocks

The fully featured Klippon K aluminum enclosures are designed for use in a wide variety of electrical installations - from industrial applications to harsh environmental conditions.

Circular Connectors

Our extensive range of IP-protected circular connectors in sizes M8, M12, M16, M23, and 7/8 ensures the reliable cabling of your system. During development, we always concentrate on efficient and cost-effective assembly and installation concepts. In this way, we offer sophisticated products and set global standards in terms of functionality and quality. Our field-attachable circular connectors are available with a variety of connection techniques, including screw, tension spring, IDC, PUSH IN, crimp or solder connection technologies.

Service interfaces

Get efficient access to systems and processes with our compact and simple to install FrontCom Vario service interfaces perfect combination of single or double frame, communication, and power inserts & Micro USB.


RockStar connectors ensure safe and reliable transmission of power, signals and data in industrial environments - from the control cabinet to the field. High performance in the smallest space, due to the modular design, Simple and safe assembly of the coded modules and the unique slide frame.

Industrial Ethernet connectors

Our Industrial Ethernet connectors with IP20 to IP67 and inserts for copper and fibre-optic cables are usable for any application. Due to the tool-free wiring possibilities they reduce the assembly time in the field drastically. Given their transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s, you have plenty of reserve capacity for future applications.