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MTL GECMA Workstation Industrial

MTL GECMA Workstation Industrial series features visualisation terminals specifically designed to enhance visualisation within your processes in industrial applications. Available as remote terminal, thin client and personal computer. With a Stainless Steel IP66 dust and water proof design, the industrial version can be utilised on hygenic or harsh environments such as pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, oil & gas and off-shore manufacturing.

MTL GECMA Workstation Industrial Flex-Line

MTL GECMA Workstation Industrial Flex-Line is an industrial display module designed for direct connection to a variety of hardware. The Flex-Line display can be used for applications within strictest hygienic conditions, aggressive indoor and outdoor protection environments, typically found in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical and petro-chemical manufacturing.

MTL GECMA Workstation Personal Computer

MTL GECMA Workstation Personal Computer (PC) is a powerful solution offering flexibility on software, allowing data and programs to be viewed and executed locally through a shared Ethernet connection. The MTL GECMA Workstation Personal Computer comprises of the individually Ex certified components from our innovative, modular MTL GECMA Workstation range, with the addition of a PC communication module, delivering a wealth of great features and values for your application.