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Field Bus

MTL FS32 fieldbus trunk and spur surge protection

The Crouse-Hinds series MTL FS32 family of surge protection devices prevent surges and transient over-voltages conducted along the Trunk or Spurs of fieldbus systems from damaging the associated electronics such as power supplies, device couplers, fieldbus barriers, terminators, and the bus control equipment. This space saving design helps to reduce the size of junction boxes and ease installation. In operation, the FS32 does not adversely affect the performance or operation of the fieldbus or connected equipment. It allows signals to pass with little attenuation while diverting surge currents safely to earth (ground) and clamping output voltages to safe levels.

MTL intrinsically safe fieldbus barriers

Crouse-Hinds series MTL fieldbus barriers provide intrinsically safe spur connections from a high-energy trunk, for connection to suitably certified Foundation fieldbus H1 instruments. pen frame versions are designed for installation into user-selected field enclosures. These are suitable for applications requiring special enclosure features such as viewing window or removable gland plate, or where multiple Fieldbus Barrier segments are required in a single enclosure. Each unit comprises of pre-wired and assembled modular components on a stainless steel baseplate, for installation into an Ex e certified field enclosure without the need for additional internal wiring or ancillary components.

MTL Megablock range of wiring hubs

Crouse-Hinds series MTL Megablock is a DIN-rail mounted passive hub designed for use in FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA networks. Megablocks minimize hand wiring and allow individual devices to be added to and removed from the segment without disrupting network communication. The SpurGuard option provides short circuit protection for the segment. Hazardous area approvals permit installation in a variety of configurations in Zone 1 or 2 and Division 1 or 2. Within Zone 2 or Division 2, Megablocks may be installed as part of non-sparking (non-arcing) or energy-limited (non-incendive) circuits.