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Industrial Ethernet

MTL 9460-ET intrinsically safe ethernet products

MTL GECMA Workstation Industrial series features visualisation terminals specifically designed to enhance visualisation within your processes in industrial applications. Available as remote terminal, thin client and personal computer. With a Stainless Steel IP66 dust and water proof design, the industrial version can be utilised on hygenic or harsh environments such as pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, oil & gas and off-shore manufacturing.

MTL 9470-ET/G Gigabit intrinsically safe ethernet range

The Crouse-Hinds series MTL 9470-ET/G product range provides cost-effective Intrinsically Safe (IS) gigabit Ethernet equipment that can be installed and maintained easily in hazardous areas. The intrinsically safe hazardous area certification, along with the associated apparatus certification of the 9478-ET/G IS Ethernet isolator and 9492-PS-PLUS power supply, permits the components to be mounted in a Zone 2 hazardous area with connectivity into Zone 0.

MTL 9474-ET/ETG and BxLAN-OEM intrinsically safe ethernet barriers

Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series MTL intrinsically safe ethernet interfaces provide connectivity between non-IS and IS ethernet networks. The interfaces are available in several versions to suit different applications.he two Ethernet LAN ports are provided with RJ45 connectors, while the two IS safety earth conductors are terminated into screw type terminals. The Ethernet LAN ports are marked up HAZ and SAFE.